Summer 2007

Galleria MOdenArte is very pleased to announce its 2006-2007 season final exhibition of paintings by a critically acclaimed contemporary Italian artist, Elio De Luca. The opening reception will be held Saturday, April 28, 2007, 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

The works of Elio DeLuca force us to meditate on the topic of primitive naivety, also because much criticism has been placed on the relationship between the childhood of the artist and the naively melancholic style of his work as a painter. One generally talks of his formal anti-realism which lives on regrets and nostalgia, to the extent of subordinating reality to the inventive surpassing of a particular physiognomy with a tendency for different, sub-alternate positions and for a typology of faces and environments, which, if repeated would even limit creative invention. It seems to them that the overhanging cultural references in his work are more filtered and surpassed than would appear at first impression, also because the desolate and mysterious atmosphere have since been enriched by an artistic career spanning thirty years, which has modified its perception of Reality, taking it back to the deep sense of personalised and unmistakable interpretation. His work substantially changed over the past decade constantly, enriching his figurative world with new tensions, in an increase of continuous concentration and animation of his theatre of life in which the characters seem to live their own “no time” with sufferance, through a variety of meanings and clues which exclude of any risk assuming a serial character, in spite of the insistence on certain themes. His “past” is viewed as remembrance and regret, almost as if nostalgia were prominent, whilst the faces and gestures send forth a sense of anxiety which is all present and also slightly provocative and metaphorically angry, as it is linked with painful and urgent situations of the times we live in. They do not lack a sense of a mysterious awaiting for peace and justice, with the immobility which crushes space and the reflection which is suggested by the work of art. The technique seems to be of secondary importance compared to the message portrayed: pastels and oils correspond with the same creative intensity: pastels thrive on his graphic spontaneity together with a fluency of colour, whilst oils faithfully cover the spaces which are gently traced on the cement which outlines those surfaces, corners, eyes, garments, and chromatically compact landscapes. The material does not condition the choices, almost a blank canvas which seems to wait for colour to create light, but when created, it illuminates itself and becomes a mixture of thoughts which have already fermented in the mind of the artist and which is translated, during the darkness of the night of the “Fishermen’s Wives”, waiting on the frayed lyric of the shore, in the clearing of the “Forest of Mysteries” made to shine with gems, stones and richly meek. – “Elio De Luca: Di Luce ed Ombra”. Ed. By Dino Carlesi

For more information please contact Emilio Marozzi or Elena Brodskaya at 561.241.6239. The gallery is located at 608 Banyan Trail, Suite 115, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

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