November 2006 Miguel Berrocal, Sandro Chia, Sandra Crawford,
Mark Kostabi, Heiner Meyer, Alfredo Rapetti, Denis Riva, Klaus Zylla
December 2006 CoBrA Exhibition-"Creatività e provocazione" - Appel, Corneille , Jorn, Doucet, Stolpe, Lucebert, Alechinsky, Rooskens
January 2007 Group Exhibition of Italian Sculpture Artists - "Sculpture
between tradition and a new way" - Vaccai Mauro and Aviero
February 2007 One-Man-Show of Andre Masson - "La ricerca dell'Oltre"
March 2007 Group Exhibition Italian Artists Photos and Sculptures
- "Between Sculpture and Photography" - Marina Gavazzi and Mauro Vaccai
April 2007 One-Man-Show of Massimo Sansavini - "Colors of Art"
May 2007 One-Man-Show of Elio DeLuca - "Di Luce ed Ombra"