November 2006 Roman Glass Ibex Vessel, 2nd Century C.E. Ex. Private Israeli Collection
December 2006 Roman Bronze Chariot Suspension Support. Circa 2nd - 3rd Century C.E.
January 2007 Rare Terracotta and Stucco Head of a Eunuch Yuan Dynasty, ca. 1279 - 1368 C.E. From a Major Chinese Collection
February 2007 Tang Dynasty Prancing Horse, China, 618 - 907 C.E. Ex: Private New York Collection
March 2007 Multicultural Array of Ancient Heads Circa 3rd Century B.C.E - 2nd Century C.E.
April 2007 Roman Terracotta Oinoche Head of a Nubian. Circa 1sr and 2nd Century C.E.
May 2007